Thursday, January 22, 2009

14 Days of Valentines

Well, the Naughty/Nice journal sounds more fun, but here's something my family has liked!

For the last few years I've done a "14 days of Valentines" for everyone in my family, and they really enjoy it.

Basically I just put a bow or a note on something small and leave something on their pillow each day starting on February 1st. Pretty much everyone gets the same things - a new pen, a little puzzle, a flower, a tiny box of chocolates.... I loved Tori's list below, and I plan on pilfering many ideas from it this year!

It's funny, because even a new antiperspirant becomes a gift if you put a bow on it, at least around here!


  1. I should do Valentine's for my kids too. These are great ideas! :)

  2. I usually try to do something for the kids- but I've never done the 14 days for them, just Sei. So GREAT idea!! Thanks Randi!

  3. You are a good mom.

    Just between us: I am the lamest mom ever.

  4. I love this idea TONS, but having Lauren's birthday the week before Valentine's Day kind of takes center stage! :)