Wednesday, January 21, 2009

For Glittersmama

Found some ideas for Vday for soldiers, but I'm sure some of us with our husband's here can use some of the ideas... I especially liked the "Naughty/Nice Journal" and the "Why I Love You Journal." I did something similar for Sei years ago...

Red hots or their favorite candy
Handwritten love poem or song
Handmade Valentine
Hershey’s kisses and hugs
“Hot Pants” - boxer shorts with kisses and hugs painted on them
Lotions & perfumes
A tiny bow & arrow with a note from Cupid
Fuzzy dice
Picture book or frame
Steamy love letter

A favorite romantic movie
Marshmallows with a note that says “I’m always on cloud 9 when I’m with you!”
Fuzzy pink, red, or black robe
Bath & Body products
Handmade CD of love songs
Warm and snuggly new red bath towel
Valentine themed stuffed animal
Personalized M&Ms in red, pink and white
Red or pink candle
Hot cocoa
Homemade heart shaped sugar cookies with red sprinkles
Anything red – red jello, red rice krispie treats, etc.
Silk or gold dipped red roses
“I love you” pin
A romantic book
Handkerchief, pillowcase, or other racier article of clothing sprayed with your scent
Handmade romantic fortune cookies (grab a box at your local craft store)
A pillow made out of fabric printed with a picture of you
Love coupons that they can redeem
A puzzle out of a picture of the two of you
A Victoria’s Secret or Mens Fitness magazine with your face glued on all the models
A “This is Why I Love You” journal
A “Naughty and Nice” journal – one side nice normal things, the flip side naughty things

Another idea is to send a gift package of inexpensive but meaningful items. Is your love always without a pen or do they seem to forget something all the time? What about all of their favorite foods or movies? Send gifts that will let them know you're really listening to them and thinking about them!


  1. "Victoria’s Secret or Mens Fitness magazine with your face glued on all the models."

    That is HILARIOUS! :D

  2. Funny, Suzanne!!

    Naughty and Nice Journal. LOL!!

  3. Wow, this is some amazing stuff! :)