Friday, January 23, 2009

Excuse Me While I Talk About My Issues

Well, clearly Tori didn't do a very thorough background check before inviting me to this party.

I'm a Valentine's Day scrooge. It might stem from years and years of loneliness combined with years and years of spending more time with the flowers on the wall and riding the short bus....but that's just a guess.

I also hate the way my husband gets a deer in the headlights look around February 12th and it doesn't go away until about sundown on the 14th. How he walks past me like I'm a ticking bomb and swallows hard and asks for water for his dry mouth every time I ask him a question. "Does she really just want me to pass the salt or is this code for 'YOU DON'T EVER DO ANYTHING NICE FOR ME I'M TIRED OF BEING THE ONLY ONE WHO TRIES IN THIS RELATIONSHIP IS A NEW DIAMOND SO MUCH TO ASK!???!!!' and I'm going to regret passing the salt?"

And last year a crazed Mary Kay girl in my ward who sells you lipstick and then asks your name cornered poor Jay and told him I was desperate for a $65 basket of lotion crap that now fills the junk drawers and toy boxes of our home. First clue: Angela is never desperate. 2nd: Angela doesn't wear lotion. 3rd: If Angela were desperate, it would be for chocolate or sushi. Or chocolate sushi. NOT lotion.

So, it was basically a lose-lose. Now on the list of "If you ever do that again I will seriously lose it" is also "Mary Kay baskets you are tricked into buying by an unscrupulous MK saleswoman."

That being said....

I do love the idea of there being one day set aside to focus on the romantic and sweet and gushy stuff. And I think this a great blog idea to help us make it a great day for all parties involved.

Because it is my goal to send a son into the world who acknowledges holidays, I like to do little things for the kids too.

The biggest hit, thus far has been rice crispy kisses. I get a set of funnels, there's usually 3-4 sizes in a set. You make rice crispies and then cram them into the funnels while they are still hot. Once they've set, you pull them out and they are shaped like Hershey kisses and you wrap them in foil. There's a size for every age. And you can put little personalized notes for the strip of paper that comes out of the top. Does that have an official name? I don't know.

I also like to "bomb" Jay's car the night before, with love notes and his favorite treats because he leaves in the morning when I'm in my deepest stage of rapid eye movement and so when he gets up and leaves, he thinks he'll have to wait the whole long day for all kinds of Valentine's Day loving.

But now that we live in Iowa, I'll probably just shuck some corn for him and call it good.


  1. I love these ideas. Supah cute! I've bombed Sei's car too. I so wish he worked this Vday so he'd have to drive it to work...

  2. I would just like to clarify that I don't think "MK saleswoman" and "crazed" go hand in hand. This particular girl is why MLMs have a bad name.

  3. LOL MK lotion that is funny! But still no barry white!

  4. One year I punched out hundreds of little hearts--really little--and threw them all over the cab of Jeff's truck. We were still vacuuming those suckers out at Christmas that year. ha ha!

  5. Shucking corn!?! Angela, you are hilarious! The rice crispy kisses sound really easy. We love goodies at our house! :)

  6. I love that idea for the kisses!! I'm totally stealing it!

  7. Tori is very nice and it's alos very obvios that she did not do a backgorund check on our VDay credentials.
    I am the most uninspired/unromantic woman ever. It's only becuase my husband makes up for my blackhole of girly romance that VDay is so succesful.

    Bombing his car is a great idea. I could try that.

  8. Oh, and I probably should mention that 'shucking corn' is a euphemism in our home.

  9. I would probably be shucking that corn too! ;)