Sunday, January 25, 2009

Valentines with my kids

Like Suzanne, we don't go out to dinner on V-day. I hate the crowds. We go out the day before or the day after. This year I am doing a Fancy Lovey Tea Party for my family. I bought a bunch of pink plates and teacups from Tai Pan and I am decorating the table with big, glass containers filled with v-day M&M's and chocolate covered marshmallows. We are having chocolate covered strawberries for dessert and sparkling Martinelli's that they will get to drink from my champagne flutes I received for my wedding. I think maybe for dinner chicken pillows and asparagus. They love that. I am the MOST excited about the table. Tule and pink glittery stuff EVERYWHERE! I am SO excited. I am headed out first thing on Monday to buy a white cake stand to decorate with ribbon. YAY!

We start the morning with heart shaped pancakes. I use cookie cutters and spray the inside with Pam and pour the batter on the inside. We use strawberry syrup and real whipped cream.

The girls always get a V-day treat from us. We put it on the front porch and doorbell ditch. They don't know how we do it every year. This year it is a favorite book, a box of chocolates and some sparkly lip gloss.

We always end the evening watching some happily ever after flick. I think this year it will be "Enchanted".


  1. Your family V-day sounds like so much fun. I'm excited for when my daughter will notice when I do cool things like this.

  2. Awesome ideas, Stephanie! I'm beginning to think I'm a lame mom because I don't do anything fun like this for my kids! LOL! ;)

  3. Those are great ideas. I am excited that Sei is not working and the kids will be home to do cool stuff with. I do heart shaped pancakes too!
    Thanks for the ideas! I can't believe how organized you are with your plans already.

  4. How cute! I love that idea. It makes me want to do it. Except..I don't have kids. haha!

  5. What fun ideas!! I love the heart shaped pancakes. I bet you could make them pink, too!