Wednesday, January 28, 2009



The last 3 years I have gotten a tshirt on Valentine's day to surprise Sei. The 1st time was the best because he totally was not expecting me to have on a shirt that said "I ♥ Seiuli."


This year I got a shirt that says "Got Sei? " with a red kiss behind it. And another one that says "Feel Safe at Night. Sleep with a cop. (Just not mine.) "
I also got all the kids different versions of shirts too.

Tristan: Don't Like Cops? Try callin' a crackhead for help instead of MY DAD.
Alec: My dad can arrest your dad. (pic of badge)
Isabel: My daddy (Pic of badge) is my hero.
Taj: My daddy catches bad guys. (pic of badge) What does your dad do?
Livie: God made my daddy (pic of badge) so firemen would have heroes.

They are all super cute!! We're all going to surprise him on Vday wearing our special cop shirts. I'll wear my "Got Sei?" that nite if we go out.

Anyway... I think a customized shirt is a cute, simple idea to say "Hey! I love you!" I got mine at but there are tons of sites out there. If you do this I just ask you NOT to do the "Got Sei? " with your hubby's name of course, just so mine is unique this year. Thanks!
Off the subject- do y'all like my hair with the blonde?


  1. Love the shirt idea! I am going to do it.
    You are a babe...and yes, I love the blond highlights.

    I am embarrassed to post my scandalous idea! Can I put it here?

  2. What's your idea? I'm dying to know! You can post it whereever or email me it and I'll post it.

  3. Yes, I like your hair with the blonde highlights! :) The shirt idea is so cute!

  4. I was thinking of a scavenger hunt...but the prize at each new question would be a piece of clothing (that has been removed). The end of the hunt could be you waiting in the bath tub :)

  5. LOL Lauren. My husband would even like that, but I do not fit in the bathtub right now! LOL

    Anyhow Tori! I like the blonde, it is fitting. No really it makes you look younger:) I love the t-shirt idea. So cool!

  6. I do like the blonde.

    And don't you think "Got Jay" would be cute, RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!!! Come on Tori, you know it would.

  7. LOVE the shirts, especially all the cop ones for the family this year! :)