Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Valentine Ideas

Tori, this is a great idea!

Every year I make heart-shaped cinnamon rolls for Dustin on Valentine's Day. He is a sucker for baked goods so it's what he likes the best. I just dent in the cinnamon roll at the top to make the heart shape. He can either take them to work to share that morning or hog them all for himself! :)

I also buy him a really nice card or make a really nice one. I usually just print cards out on the computer, so I think he appreciates that I go to a little extra effort on Valentine's.

We have also made a tradition not to go out to eat that night. It's just so busy! We found that we're pretty tired and grouchy by the time we get into a restaurant, even with a reservation. So we stay home and have a really good meal like steak, shrimp & crab legs by candlelight. We put the kiddies to bed or in front of a movie early. It makes it a nice quiet evening with just the two of us. The time together is the most important part for us.

We aren't that big on gifts at my house, so that's about it. Well...until later that night! ;) New lingerie always seems to go over well! :)


  1. The cinnamon rolls sound super cute and easy. I usually make heart shaped pancakes for the kids.

  2. "New lingerie always seems to go over well!"

    I bet!

  3. My hubby is the cinnamon roll maker around here...I should tell him about making them into hearts! ;)